Friday, June 23, 2006

(The New and Improved) You Tube Sucks/Doesnt Suck

ok so in my other blog i posted about how You Tube had been unavailable because that shit was undergoing construction or whatever they call it in internet talk. anyway, so i checked back and that shit was up and running just like they promised, but they totally lied and fucking changed that shit!!!!

The Breakdown:

Before: you could post shit on your blog with, like, one of those link thingies they provide. np*.

Before: you could post shit on your myspace blog with like one of those link thingies they provide. np.

Before: you could post porn and embarassing and funny and lame shit on your friends myspace comments or on your own page and be annoying. np.

Ok so you can still do that last part without any problems, but in order to post videos on your blogs you have to sign up for that shit! SIGN UP! they totally hold your email address, birth date, blogger username and blogger password hostage!!!! and you can't currently post videos in your myspace blog.

It's still free, though

---------------The Verdict-------------
dude, that shit is wack. (The New and Improved) You Tube fucking sucks! i hate giving out information. granted, it's lame information but still. im seriously sick of that shit. can't we get a fucking break already. stupid internets. yes, internets.

anyway, i'm still posting the "Stars are Blind" video. even new and improved can't keep me from my soul mate. see other blog.

*np=no problem

omg, im scared of You Tube. so when you sign up your blog so that you can post videos on that shit, it takes your Blog Username and Password hostage, right? I already told you that. So i guess it also posts that shit for you! See, that shit is lame!!! Andy Warhol was so right, "New and Improved" can totally suck it.


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At 9:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The layout sucks, the volume thing sucks, the play/pause thing sucks, it takes longer to load. Everything sucks.

At 8:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you used to be able to click halfway through a movie to save loading the whole video. saved me precious broadband jewels.

when u play a movie whilst still in fullscreen, if you escape fullscreen mode it reloads again.

motherfuckers! fuk the system ftw


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