Saturday, March 03, 2007

Factory Girl Sucks/Doesn't Suck

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So the movie Factory Girl is about the hotness that was Edie Sedgwick. I dont really care about the details (like, what kind of research was done, who the director is, or who wrote this shit)....all i know is that whoreskank leather face Sienna Miller played one of my favorite hoes and i was totally expecting this to be a piece of crap.

It was. Sienna seriously looks 157 years old. This was my biggest problem with the film. That bitches face magnified on the big screen was not hot. It was also way distracting. Edie was seriously the hotness and although she did live the kind of life that would make anyone look 157, she didn't. she seriously had the complexion of a baby's ass!

see! bitch looks 12! sienna is seriously a nasty fug faced bitch, and i couldn't get passed that! it was like way hard, for reals. aside from that though, the movie totally portrayed Edie as a victim and Andy as a complete and total asshole. While Andy did totally use people, Edie wasn't exactly as helpless and innocent as this film made her seem. By portraying her so compassionately i think this film took away from Edie's spirit and ultimate hotness.

some of the dialogue was hot and the dude that plays bob dylan (pictured below) is totally the hotness so that was good.....also sienna wore some awesome outfits, as well as some really ugly ones, which of course i loved!

i think sienna did a good job trying to portray edie, but she did not do a good job not being ugly, which i guess is hard for her to do. Edie was like fresh faced and youthful, while sienna looks tired, wrinkly, and all fucked up! sienna totally aged 130 years between this movie and alfie. i can't believe this bitch is younger than me. if she was 45, then i'd say she looks decent for her age. no 65!!! ...well, especially when her face is like 15 feet tall! you can't really tell as much when it's only a few inches long.....but TRUST ME! that bitch is as beat as my favorite pair of chanclas!

so basically, Factory Girl sucked. I would wait until that shit is a VH1 movie that rocks. or on TBS or some shit. this movie would never be on lifetime because it's not hot enough.

(read the book, Edie: An American Biography, it's way hotter than this movie. or get the script and have your grandma play edie and grandpa play andy and it would probably be as good or better than this film)


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