Sunday, March 04, 2007

beard papa's sucks/doesn't suck

ok so, beard papa's is this hot cream puff (profiterole) shop from Japan that all of a sudden started popping up randomly all over the Los Angeles area.

around december of '05 they opened one in hollywood and then sometime in early '06 one openend up in this really shitty mall by my house which i thought was like way weird. i have been to the one in hollywood, but today i decided to go to the one at the ghetto hills mall (puente hills, actually) because we decided to have a back to the future balentines day since we missed the real balentines day two weeks ago. (you know, cos they filmed part of the movie in the puente hills parking lot....).

-----------pictures removed because photobucket is a douchebag------

anyway, our plan was to get sick off some Johnny Rockets hamburgers and then eat cream puffs, but the ghetto hills malls refused us service at Johnny Rockets (which totally saved our lives, im sure...i have no idea what we were thinking anyway), so we just bought some cream puffs to go and got the hell out of there. we ate our cream puffs on the way to some other hotness instead.

so, it turns out beard papa's cream puffs are seriously bomb and don't suck no matter where you get them. they are really light and tasty and the cream is way smooth and not like thick or too sweet. totally delicious! they come in three flavors: chocolate, original (vanilla), and green tea.

i think the chocolate is the most delicious. they also have eclair ones that are like smothered with chocolate on top and have either a strawberry or vanilla filling. i didn't have one of those because i am on a serious road to heifer town. ok, it's because i had 4 of the non-eclair ones first. heifer town is totally fun.

anyway, they also have these like little chocolate cakes and some cheescake stick thing that sounds kind of scary but still hot (it's not cheescake on a stick, but a cheesecake stick...yeah, i didn't get it), but i couldnt order any of that because we were on our way to In and Out (told you heifer town was awesome) and i wanted to make sure i could handle the goodness that awaited me there.

so yeah, you should totally check out the beard papa's website, especially the beard papa's story because it's a cartoon and it's totally adorable, oh and they are totally opening a bunch of these like everywhere, so you should totally go when they open one in the shittiest mall in your city.


At 3:02 PM, Blogger Chris Battle said...

When it comes to pastries, always, always, ALWAYS trust the Japanese. Plus the coffee puff is uber-bomb.

I think I'm the only one who comes here. That's sorta sad.

At 9:39 PM, Blogger Gerald said...

Beard Papas is fucking awesome. I'm pretty sure it's the closest we'll get to eating out Jessica Alba.

At 1:42 PM, Anonymous mylollipopsaresweeter said...

why am i just seeing this comment now Jerry! you're hot!!! Our blog days were amazing.

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