Sunday, May 07, 2006

Jim Beam and Gingerale, IN A't suck

ok so this one time, i was walking in the parking lot of a Target in fullerton and i saw this shiny thing on the floor that was a can and i knew that it wasn't a normal it didn't look like a sprite nor did it look like a heineken! but that shit was totally green and white so i went over to investigate and i saw that it was a can of fucking Jim Beam and signature Wintertime drink! Though i've probably had about 300580950 Whisky and Gingerales this past winter, i had never ever seen that shit in the form of a convenient ready to go CAN!!!!! the idea of drinking that shit out of a can sounded totally scandelous and hot to me so Senor Chips and I decided to investigate. After searching for that shit in liquor store after liquor store (it really isn't all that common, at least not where i shop for my booze....which probably explains a know, because Jim Beam out of a can screams GHETTO), S. Chips and I finally realized that there was indeed a liquor store in the parking lot of the very Target in which i had my first encounter with the hot can in


Buying that shit is seriously exciting.

Jim Beam and soda comes in two varieties: Beam and Gingerale and Beam and Cola

Drinking booze that isn't beer out of a can is way more trash than drinking beer. even more trash than drinking Cobra. wait, no.....drinking a 40 of Cobra is more trash! but still......

That shit costs $8 for a fucking 6 pack!

When you buy that shit, the dude at the liquor store looks at you shady. he knows something isn't right.

------------------THE VERDICT----------------------

Jim Beam and Gingerale is not only ghetto as shit, but it's seriously totally fucking delicious!!!!!! and it fucks you up.

yeah, that shit definitely does NOT suck!!!!