Tuesday, August 07, 2007

taco bell sucks doesnt suck

the other day i had this really insane craving for Taco Bell!! i think it's all Fergalicious' fault. you know how in that song Glamorous she's all...."I'm not clean, I'm not pristine, I'm no queen, I'm no machine, I still go to Taco Bell, Drive through, raw as hell...."?! you know? HAHAHAHHAHA Fergie is so stupid. that song is hot though. anyway, i think that's what did it. fucking fergalicious. i should send her my taco bell bill. anyway, we went and this is what happened.

i told Senor Chips i needed to have taco bell asap. we went to one and i decided i really wanted to eat inside. it's not too often i actually eat inside a fast food place and it's been an especially long time since ive sat inside a Taco Bell. it was rad.

service was super quick. everyone was a chola and about 16 years old. hot.

they have all kinds of new wrapped and grilled crap on the menu i didn't recognize. i ordered a burrito supereme (a classic) and some new crap. it's a "grilled taquito" or some shit. basically the tortilla surrounding the meat isn't fried. hot.

Senor Chips ordered a frisbee. he really did, then he had to explain what it was and we all figured out he was talking about the CrunchWrap Supreme. he's really into those.

our order came up and i soaked my burrito in Hot Sauce! i bit into that crap and oh my god....what the hell did they do to the burrito supreme?? i swear to god it totally tasted like chef boyardee sauce, EWWWWW. i stopped and decided to take a breath then try again. second attempt-same result. disappointment. i didnt even want to look at that bitch anymore. no picture. fuck that.

next, i tried the new item. it looked like this:

Yummy right?

not really. it was aight. it was better than that crap they call a burrito! i gobbled up the first one cos i was starving and i bit into the second one looked down at the meat and it was dewey. yup dewey. that did it for me. i couldnt go on.

S.Chips on the other hand manhandled his crunchwrap. he is in love with those because as he puts it "it has it all" somehow it's a taco and a burrito in one. he tried to explain it to me but i didnt get it and i think i was in a daze from the chef boyardee sauce and dewey taquito meat. about 3/4 of the way through his crunchwrap, the sad truth hit the Chips....taco bell was not the same. he couldnt finish his frisbee crap either.

we decided TACO BELL SUCKS.

...stupid fergie.

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